Fitness & Exercise

Aikido, as taught in our Dundee classes is an excellent form of exercise, promoting all-round fitness, health and flexibility.

If you've tried keep fit classes in the past, but were bored by the monotony of aerobics or strength training, then learning a martial art such as Aikido is an excellent choice that will exercise both mind and body. Classes will help tone your body and have you energised the next day. With no two classes the same and with so much to learn you'll never find yourself bored.

In addition to improving ones physical fitness, Aikido will teach you valuable self defence and life skills that will improve your self confidence, concentration and presence of mind. Our classes will:

    • Provide a great full body work out

      • Improving ones strength, flexibility, stamina and aerobic fitness

      • Raise base-line energy & fitness levels

    • Improve your focus and presence of mind with

      • Breathing exercises

      • Meditation

    • Teach you relaxation

      • How relaxed technique is stronger than strength

      • Shiatsu massage and acupressure